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Hillary Clinton’s Willingness to Forfeit Crucial Rhetorical Ground

I could list you a dozen or so bullet points on why the prospect of a Clinton presidency is deeply troubling in terms of predictable impacts. Trade policy. Regime change. Accountability questions. Military spending (the surplus of which has led … Continue reading

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It matters, right? – A #CarCast Excursion

What can we reasonably expect from elected officials and Presidents when their efforts appear in context of ongoing institutional failings, at all levels, persisting with the tacit consent of We, the People? I get into it in this first excursion into … Continue reading

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On sincerely-held religious belief in the American right to discriminate. 

A writer friend of mine this week reached out for some of my perspective on recent laws passed across these United States that, in effect, codify the right to discriminate into certain State’s laws. The conversation has, bizarrely, been framed … Continue reading

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