The Democratic Party has a duty to act on Rahm

Seemingly impossible to imagine, Rahm Emmanuel is at it again. 

This is all so disheartening as a human, as an American, and yes, as a Democrat.

Rahm Emmanuel is running yet another massive cover up of police murder. This one even longer than the one that kept Laquan McDonald’s murderer at large, working for the CPD, for over a year. Rahm is continuing to have City attorneys, all of whom ultimately report to him, argue against the public release of more videos that, according to a retired Chicago Police Captain who was running the review board that initially reviewed the incident, show Chicago Police murdering a young citizen of color. This time, it sounds like he didn’t even have a knife.

Hillary Clinton needs to come out on this. Bernie Sanders needs to (more forefully and more directly) come out on this. President Obama needs to come out on this.

Maybe the DOJ is hoping the CPD turns state’s evidence and they can get Rahm as the big fish, I don’t know. But saying he’s not the focus of the investigation, allowing this guy to remain in power despite the knowledge that he is continuing to protect cops that kill with no justification? What message is that sending to the CPD beat cop that pulls over a 17 year old black kid tonight?

Emmanuel is one of our own. He guided a fantastic man into the Oval Office and followed it up with executive actions in Chicago that are cynically political and abusive of his power, at best, and deliberately malicious and intentionally criminal at worst. He’s helping murderous Chicago cops continue to cut checks from the public fisc. He’s helping a culture of law enforcement abuse continue undeterred and unchecked. He’s doing it all not for any official function or legal reason, but because he doesn’t want to take the political heat. He didn’t want it before the recent election, and he doesn’t want it now.

He did it with Laquan McDonald and now he’s doing it again, letting Cedrick Chatman’s killer continue to walk free while Cedrick Chatman is dead. Likely letting his killer continue to remain on the public payroll. Preventing the light of public scrutiny to force the hand of justice towards the only end that elected officials should seek.

As much as they hate Rahm, the GOP will not come out on this. It’s on us, and it’s on the politicians that we have counted on to carry the banner of #BlackLivesMatter in response to a continuing tide of law enforcement indifference to the value of black lives. Now that it’s one of our guys, we need to make sure communities of color don’t question our commitment as a political wedge to use to our advantage, rather than a true calling for current and aspiring public servants who recognize the dangers of being Black in America, living under the system of officially-sanctioned injustice we have wrought.

It has to happen, and soon. Even though it’s one of our guys. Especially because it’s one of our guys.

Rahm needs to resign. He needs to be indicted. And it needs to have happened yesterday. All I want for Christmas is to see his perp walk on national television, the snake.

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