Pausing for a riddle

a retribution revolution,
confusion fusing,
surging, further loosening up
my grip not what it was.
lines etched in reverse,
places of peace now terse,
cursed with plagues and failure,
human nature neglected, nurtured
hate skilled at deconstructing,
our feigned efforts supportive of
darkness shifting, stalking, plucking
any sense of calm from where it sits.
the ubiquity of despair fits
far too well.

fear we sell –
fear insistent, fear persistent,
america as object lesson
community of stress in numbers.
the riddle merits pause –
nation declaring itself to be built on laws,
no laws built for our own sake.
no safety,
no freedom to stake
our lives upon,
our voice to song,
anthems of hope long past,
hymns of praise to cast
over those dark corners of hate,
our shared fear we’re too late
to do much of anything, to brace ourselves and clutch.
reassign our grip.
reassure our grip.

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