You hate Obama, we get it. What else do you have to contribute?

Context: Just talked with a man in a barbershop about Obama not going to France for Charlie Hebdo solidarity rally, and when I pointed out that there were security concerns and a thought that maybe his presence would unduly polarize the event (ironically enough since his absence was equally polarizing; perhaps it’s just expected at this point), and the guy’s face formed the most sarcastic grimace – as if he had just majorly psyched me out in the locker room of our middle school – and then he launched into “fucking disgrace of a President, he must love this shit.”

Response: Seeing it face to face is jarring, let me tell you. Birthers morphed into Benghazi into Obamacare stealing my Medicare into activist judges into a job-killing EPA into white-cop-hating into his daughter has that stank face into he didn’t fly to FRANCE – France! – to participate in a memorial/tribute to people killed in another country for work protected by Free Speech but that most people hadn’t heard about until last week.

Two things in play – Obamaphobia and the modern compelling need to insert one’s self into every tragedy, emote and blame. In this case, Obama’s refusal to play that game is, ironically (except not at all at this point), the sticking point. Had he participated directly in the grief-and-condemnation theater and hijacked the more organic, personal, and genuine grief being expressed in France, he would be taken to task for that.

Big shootings, bombings and attacks are difficult to comprehend, so to fill in the gaps, you go to your stand-by … Thanks, Obama.

Big picture: It’s all just so tired. So lazy, so predictable and so very tired. This is the contribution to the debate: an endless chorus of hate and disapproval, lacking any discernible focus on facts or the collective endgame. It’s the most unoriginal and powerful expression out there; it follows a script and ensures that the debate – the great debate that America always needs – is a festering pool of insignificance; of thoughtlessness.

Contribute something else or shut the fuck up.

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