Why now?

I really don’t know, but it seemed like I have waited long enough.

For a couple years now, I have had the opportunity to write on a sports website of some minor acclaim and it has been a joy. Well, at least sometimes.

Maybe because those who refer to me for #hotsportstakes have grown weary of the bleeding lines between my position as humble sports fan/observer/ranter and my position as human being with opinions about an assortment of other issues, some quite controversial and annoying, perhaps…. it seemed about the time to bite the bullet and arrange myself a space where I can write about other things I care about without littering my twitter feed or facebook feed or, probably, my marriage with the kind of over-written prose I so often feel compelled to express.

If you don’t know me, I’m a lawyer, father, husband, liberal, Christian and probably an asshole most of the time.

While I’m still not sure how I’ll use this space – and my intentions will most likely vary – I’ll at the very least try to be interesting and spell words right when possible.



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